Are you preparing for Microsoft MB2-715 Certification Exam? then this article may help you to know more about the Microsoft MB2-715 certification exam. The...

Are you preparing for Microsoft MB2-715 Certification Exam? then this article may help you to know more about the Microsoft MB2-715 certification exam.

The Microsoft MB2-715 certification exam is the prerequisite for earning the MCSA or MCSE credentials in Customer Engagement Online Deployment. To earn one of these certifications, the candidate is expected to register for and pass the certification exam. The certificates verify that an individual has the capability to implement, use, deploy, maintain, and support Dynamics 365 product in the candidate’s organization. The individuals who are eligible to take this certification examination are Network Managers, Functional Consultants, Network Administrators, Solution Architects, Project Managers, and Partners. The candidates who are into sales of business software solutions, who also want to develop their knowledge base on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 applications can also sit for the Pass4itsure: Microsoft MCSE MCSA MB2-715 MB2-716.

Before you write this Microsoft exam, it is important that you have the knowledge about the basic features and components of Microsoft Online Business and Dynamics 365 Solutions. It is also crucial that you understand your client’s network administration and device management.

Overview of Microsoft MB2-715 Certification Exam

The Microsoft MB2-715 exam is designed to measure the candidates‘ ability to complete technical tasks in the following areas:

    • Ability to integrate the Microsoft Dynamics with some other Applications – 20-25%


    • Capacity to create Customer Organizational Structures – 25-30%


    • Management of Mobile Environments & Microsoft Outlook – 25 -30%


  • Administration of Dynamics 365 Environment – 25-30%

It is important to note that the percentage on each of the tasks determines the number of questions to expect from them. In other words, the tasks carrying the highest percentage will have more questions than the others during the examination. When preparing for your certification exam, it is very important that you focus on each of these areas and study them to the point of understanding all topics under them. The candidates must, therefore, focus on all the topics and learn every aspect of them. There are different study materials that you can explore to help you understand the different concepts under the tasks.

Details of Microsoft MB2-715 Certification Exam Topics

To help you understand the depth of topics you are supposed to cover in the process of preparing for the exam, we have summarized all topics under each of the tasks areas as designed by Microsoft. There are numerous materials, books, video training, blogs, and articles that you can access to help you in your preparation. Interesting, you can access some great resource materials that are free. Before you access any resource material, you should first check the exam objectives to know what you will look out for in the resource materials. Microsoft has a plethora of resources on its site that you can explore. Check out the certification exam overview for more information about the exam, exam format, and resource materials to help you in your preparation. Below are the summarized details of the topics you are expected to cover before your MB2-715 examination.

Ability to incorporate Dynamics 365 with some other Apps

Integrating SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Exchange with Dynamics 365

    • Configuration of Exchange service synchronization designed for incoming and outgoing traffic


    • Management of folder-based track flows


    • Enabling OneDrive for Enterprise


    • Management of SharePoint integration


  • Configuration of folder structure and control access for SharePoint

Integration of Microsoft Online Business Solutions using Microsoft Dynamics 365

    • Management of Microsoft Social Platform Engagement integration


    • OneNote integration management


    • Yammer integration management


    • Workspace collaboration management using Office 365 Groups


  • Configure and manage Delve integration

Integration of Customized & 3rd Party Applications using Dynamics 365

    • Management and configuration of app modules


    • Creation of customized function applications using App Designer


    • Ability to access additional applications via Power Apps and App Source


  • Creation of site maps with App Mapper


Capacity to create Customer Organizational Structures

Support Microsoft Dynamics Client’s Environment

    • Validate the least browser prerequisites for devices using the web interface to gain access to Dynamics 355


    • Ensure devices of client meet the least specifications of hardware


    • Manage tablets and phone in client’s environment


  • Maintain outlook integration via Outlook with Dynamics App or only Outlook for installed Outlook

Deployment of Microsoft Dynamics

    • Determine the accurate edition of Microsoft Dynamics suitable for the client


    • Determine the right pricing, subscription model, and packaging, based on the requirements of an organization’s environment


  • Develop a deployment plan in line with organizational considerations

Import Data into Dynamics 365

    • Design and develop data import plan


    • Import of data via supported methodologies


    • Upload of data to Azure, from an on-premises location


  • Maintain high volume migration using Data Load service

Management of Dynamics 365 Environment

    • Sign up & Cancel different subscriptions


    • Configuration of AD and SSO synchronization in the hybrid environment, utilizing Active Directory Federation Services


    • Maintain users


  • Configuration of administrative access and the ability to assign roles


Administration of Dynamics 365 Environment

Deploy Instances

    • Deployment of suitable types and number of instances designed for the designated environment


    • Deployment of sand-box & production instances


  • Configuration and edition of instance properties

Management of Instances

    • Reset, switch, delete, and copy and instance


    • Manage multiple and regions tenant environment


    • Manage resources and storage


  • Maintain administrative e-mail notification

Management of Updates

    • Design Dynamics 365 policy update


  • Approve, skip, review, and schedule updates


Management of Mobile Environments & Microsoft Outlook

Integration of Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Outlook

    • Maintain a supported environment for Dynamics 365 for Microsoft Outlook


    • Deployment of Dynamics 365 for Microsoft Outlook via multiple methods


    • Configuration of Dynamics 365 for Microsoft Outlook to connect to many instances


    • Configuration of synchronized fields


  • Performance of basic functions through the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 application for Outlook interface

Maintain and Configure Mobile Applications for Dynamics 365

    • Configure Dynamics 365 for newer Dynamics 365 Tablets and Phones, and Phone Express


    • Configure security privileges and entities


  • Manage dashboards and CRM forms



In helping you with your preparation, you should take advantage of the resource book provided by Microsoft for the certification course and exam. In addition to this, you can also explore other resources available on the Microsoft Virtual Academy. With all these resources, you definitely can expect great scores in your Microsoft MB2-715 certification exam.

Marie Samstag