Tips & Tricks To Pass Microsoft SQL Certifications 2012, 2014, 206 Certifications Microsoft SQL certifications are considered to be a credential on the professional...

Tips & Tricks To Pass Microsoft SQL Certifications 2012, 2014, 206 Certifications

Microsoft SQL certifications are considered to be a credential on the professional level of handling and demonstrating the skills related to Microsoft’s RDBMS and SQL Server. To get hold of the certification, an individual must qualify in the exam held after their skills on SQL server platform is tested and verified. Microsoft SQL certifications comprise of three main levels with unique specialties, and each individual level can enroll an applicant for a separate job but on the same platform.

Reasons to Pass Microsoft SQL Certifications

In order to get a job in the IT industry at the entry-level, the Microsoft SQL certifications are not needed, however, in order to become a specialist in managing the databases; one needs the Microsoft SQL certifications so that their worth is proven. These individuals can effectively provide advice and assistance in all aspects of SQL fixations and development on the work platform. These individuals are certified to solve complex errors that pertain to the system including the database and related software. Along with the Microsoft SQL certifications, if an individual possesses a bachelor's degree, they can be considered to be qualified for higher posts in an organization. If their skills and knowledge are proven and wroth the most likely position for them is of the system analyst or the network architect.

Getting Microsoft SQL Certification

On passing and obtaining the Microsoft SQL certification, an individual is entitled to several benefits along with their skill and knowledge demonstration power. Among the benefits that
are achieved by the individuals is Server logo from Microsoft, plaque certificate, invite to continue programs related to education, individuals can access the e-mail list of the community related to SQL server, and is also listed in the directory of Microsoft Certified Master.

Details of Microsoft SQL Certifications

The Microsoft SQL certifications generally mark an individual for their skills related to the development of business intelligence, administration of databases, and development of the
database. These include skills and knowledge related to maintenance, installation, troubleshooting, and configuration of SQL databases, especially enrolling an individual in a position of a database administrator. The Microsoft SQL certifications help the companies to create a trust for the individuals so that they are capable of performance optimization of the related databases and provide security from all types of external threats.

Experiences of Passing Microsoft SQL Certification Exams

One an individual gets the Microsoft SQL certifications; they can easily seek a perfect job in an organization under the role of database developer, database administrator, or a database analyst. The Microsoft SQL certifications are considered as legitimate proof for the knowledge, dedication, and skills that an individual possesses in the field of SQL. Earning the Microsoft SQL certifications help an individual to brighten their career path in the corporate world and earn higher salaries and designation within a firm.

Microsoft MCSA 2012/2014 Certification Exams Include.

MCSA Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 EXAM 70-461

MCSA Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Databases EXAM 70-462

MCSA Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 EXAM

Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse (beta) EXAM 70-767

Microsoft SQL Certifications Training Courses

One must participate in courses that teach the following aspects of SQL servers:
1. Installation and configuration of SQL Server R2.
2. Administration of the SQL Server R2.
3. The configuration of the advanced services related to SQL Server R2.
4. SQL on-server infrastructure maintenance R2.
5. Querying the Microsoft SQL server (20461C).

6. Jumpstart querying of the Microsoft SQL database servers.
7. MCSA SQL Server: The certification training is unaltered by the official training program in the global market. The associated exams are 461,462, and 463.

● The query relating to Microsoft SQL Server certification and tests (MS 20461).
● Administration of Microsoft SQL Server certification and tests (MS 20462).
● Data Warehouse implementation for Microsoft SQL Server certification and tests (MS
● PrepAway Website:

Are Microsoft SQL Certifications Exam Dumps Useful?

The exam dumps having quality questions related to Microsoft SQL Servers helps an individual to identify appropriate and the areas to focus and make them well-acquainted with the format and pattern of the certification. The questions can be learned and known as they have explanations and details on the key aspects related to Microsoft SQL servers. Understanding the dumps and appearing for practice exams of Microsoft SQL servers brightens the chances of passing the main exam and automatically boosts confidence within the aspirants.

Things to Know About Microsoft SQL Certifications

The main points that an individual must be well versed and gain perfect knowledge in order to
pass the Microsoft SQL certification exams are as follows:

● Core knowledge and terms relating to Microsoft SQL and all the functionalities related
to the database and the operating system.
● Knowledge and working experience in the field of RDBMS.

One must be well-versed with the following to crack the Microsoft SQL exam and get hold of
the certification:

● Error handling.
● Query performance.
● DML to modify data.
● Built-in functions.
● Microsoft SQL Server.
● Transaction implementations.
● Aggregating and grouping data.
● Grouping and pivoting sets.
● Set operators.

● Multiple table queries.
● Data types of SQL serves.
● Filtering and sorting data.
● Stored procedures.
● Metadata for SQL server.
● T SQL.
● Queries related to T SQL.
● Table Expressions.
● Sub querying.
● Select querying.
● Aggregate functioning.
● Offset settings.
● Ranking of Windows.

Best Books to Pass Microsoft SQL Certification Exams

1. Querying Microsoft SQL Server by Itzik Ben-Gan and Dejan Sarka.
2. MCSA SQL Server 2016 Database Development by Louis Davidson and Itzik Ben-Gan.
3. Querying Data with T SQL by Itzik Ben-Gan.
4. MCSA SQL 2016 Database Administration by Paul Marquardt and Victor Isakov.
5. Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 by MatijaLah and
Dejan Sarka.
6. Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure Victor Isakov.
7. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Administration by Tom Carpenter.
8. SQL Guide by Inc. BarCharts.
9. Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases by Peter Ward and Orin Thomas.
10. Fundamentals of Microsoft SQL Server on T SQL by Itzik Ben-Gan.


Microsoft SQL certifications prove to be very helpful and beneficial in terms of verifying the
skills of an individual and their knowledge set in the working field. The skills of these certified
individuals can be adequately used in the administration of the database, development of
business intelligence, and development of the database.

Marie Samstag