Nachdem wir uns die besten Kommentare der österreichischen Fans ansahen, wollen wir nun schauen wie die Leistung der Foda-Elf von den Fans international aufgenommen... Internationale Fan-Kommentare: „Austria was godlike today“

Nachdem wir uns die besten Kommentare der österreichischen Fans ansahen, wollen wir nun schauen wie die Leistung der Foda-Elf von den Fans international aufgenommen wurde. Alle Kommentare stammen von Facebook, Twitter und Reddit.

PakiIronman: „Austria played their hearts out, really, really well played. Glad we came out on top but we need to change a lot of our mentality to take on Belgium/Portugal. Good game Austria, thanks for the emotion.“

Wetcherpants: „Was cheering all the way from Canada for Austria to win to support my roots. Never doubted Italy would win but really Impressed with the fight and resolve of Austria. Why did the Austrian coach wait so long to sub some fresh players in!?”

Duxlusor: „Damn… this was a suffered win. We were ok, but Austria was godlike today. Big ups to them.”

Recodes: „People saying here Italy was bad while I think Austria was so fuckin good. They defended extremely well (holy that keeper) and executed many counter balls. I’m happy they were the ones to break our clean sheet, totally deserved.”

bioscope: „Phew. What a game. I hope Mancini learned some lessons here. Good game Austria. You guys played really well.”

MexicanParticle: „That’s the best Austrian national side I’ve ever seen. A bit unlucky to be playing Italy at this stage, they would have been worthy quarter-finalists or even sneaky semi-finalists with a bit of luck.”

wizardkell3y: „This Euro is being played at such a high level. Some incredible teams here. Well played to Austria, a hair offsides from a massive upset.”

Ganiator: „That was way closer than I expected, good Job Österreich. Hope Italy wins the tournament.”

Pamplemouse04: „Well, Italy conceded a goal! Austria played insanely well and honestly, Italy was quite poor overall, but great teams grind out the wins. However, I do think their perfect image this tournament has been tarnished somewhat.”

vrschikasanaa: „Heart breaks for Austria, they played a hell of a game. This should be a huge wake up call for Italy.”

Synth3r: „You guys played phenomenally well against the best team in the tournament. I had you down as dark horses from the start and I think everyone in your team covered themselves in glory today.”

Bungled_Bengal: „Unlucky Austria, you played superbly for 120 minutes, just needed to take more chances. Taking Arnautovic off felt like a key moment, even if his replacement did well.”

CratesOfSprite: „Congratulations Italy, but i feel so bad for Austria. They were such class this Euro. Seeing Alaba sitting there defeated, breaks my Heart.”

meilyn22: „Austria played so good. So sad for them. If only they had a clinical striker.”

Velam Dahlström: „Respect to Austria from Sweden! Great tournament by the Austrians.”

John McClane: „Austria played awesome. Too bad they are going home.”

John: „Austria were outstanding. Bold and brave.”

JAY SURYA C: „Hungary and Austria were more than impressive this tournament. Hungary drew a match with world cup winning team while Austria were fabulous against Italy. If it was any other teams except Italy i am sure they would have knocked them down. Respect.”

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Stefan Karger