In the vastness of the Internet, on social networks and, more recently, in the app stores, you can find numerous tipsters or punters and providers of betting tips that often promise you the blue of the sky. But which sports betting tips apps really get you ahead? We took a closer look at the best apps on the market and wrote a review for you!

Basically, it must be stated that there is no such thing as „the“ perfect app with which you can safely win your bets. Also because every sports bettor has a different betting behavior. One likes simple 3-way bets, the other likes over/under bets only in the first half.

You will always search in vain for the perfect recipe on how to win all your bets. But good apps for sports and especially football betting tips are primarily there to minimize the risk when betting on sports. The right combination and flair makes all the difference.

These are the 12 best apps for sports betting tips that you can currently find on the market

1. Overlyzer
2. Multi Betting Tips
3. Betting United
4. Tipsway
5. BetMines
6. Expert Betting Tips
7. Sportsinsider
8. BetScore
9. Betting Tips Expert
10. TeamBet PRO
11. TipsterMan
12. Locco Bet

We’ve tested over 100 apps and each had its pros and cons. However, the app that will make you a better sports bettor is our number one.

1. Overlyzer

Overlyzer is not a classic app that provides sports betting tips, but a new, highly interesting innovation on the betting market. The concept of Overlyzer is not to give betting recommendations to the user, but to be able to follow all football matches live in such a way that you can react to hot odds and match events at any time.

The app also offers probabilities for various betting markets (pre-game), but this is the less interesting part of the comprehensive betting software. The live section of the app is much more exciting and also here Overlyzer focuses on football betting.

The Overlyzer app offers live games from over 1,000 leagues and competitions and shows the match progress and pressure periods of both teams in real time. This allows you to recognize suitable betting options at first glance and watch hundreds of games at the same time. Often, you will come across games here that would otherwise remain completely under the radar.

The most important tool of the full version is the filter, with which you can sort games according to all relevant criteria. Example: Show only games where the pressure difference between the two teams is at least 50%. In the games that are now displayed, there is a goal in the air and the live bet is already waiting…

The filters allow to adjust the dynamic software to all types of bets. Whether it’s 3-way betting, overs and unders, half-time betting or handicaps – Overlyzer can be adapted to practically all options and thus to your own betting behavior.

In addition, Overlyzer also offers an „Over/Under Tool“ that displays the probabilities for over and under bets in over 250 leagues. This tool is free to use for registered app users.

In full, however, Overlyzer is definitely the app that most minimizes risk when betting and increases success.

Overlyzer App
Sport: Football (soccer)
Partially free to use
Full version from 4,44€ per week (different packages)
Google Play Store | App Store | Website


2. Multi Betting Tips

Here we come to the „classic“ tips apps and start with the self-explanatory app „Multi Betting Tips“. The app focuses specifically on football, basketball, and tennis and scores mainly with its simplicity and user-friendliness.

The app does not provide complicated bets, but limits itself to the essentials. Here a 3-way bet, there an over or under. In the free area, there are also only a few tips and these are well selected, which means that you are not immediately overwhelmed and can find your way into the matter even as a beginner.

The larger offer is in the VIP area, which ultimately also includes more betting markets and of course more tips. The winning rate here is quite high, but you also pay accordingly for access.

Multi Betting Tips
Sports: Football, Basketball, Tennis
Partially free to use
VIP version from 29,99€ per month


Multi Betting Tipps App

3. Betting United

“Betting United“ also falls into the category of simple, user-friendly apps. The fact that the successes and correct tips are already displayed on the start screen of the app is of course more of a trick to catch users. If you click on the tab with the „Free“ bets, you will quickly notice that the winning rate is of course not as high as advertised.

After all, this is an app that offers bets on odds beyond @2.00. The focus is solely on soccer and a wide range of leagues are covered.

There are several member areas that represent different packages. Again, you pay handsomely to get access to all the tips, but given the high odds on offer, you can always hope for profit here too. However, „Do your own research“ is the magic phrase, as with all apps, to end up with a plus.

The low annual price in relation to the monthly price is of course aimed at retaining customers in the long term.

Betting United
Sport: Football
Partially free to use
Premium packages from €79.99 per month or €154.99 per year


Betting United App

4. Tipsway

Tipsway is also kept simple, but offers more sports than the apps mentioned so far. In addition to basketball and tennis, volleyball and cricket are also a topic here, but the focus is also clearly on football.

In the free sections, you can find about five to ten tips per day from different sports, leagues and markets. The app tends to focus on low odds between @1.35 and @1.55, also to minimize the risk of making the statistics look bad. But of course, you can discover value here and there even in these odds.

To be able to enter the different VIP areas, you have to pay as well. An „All Sports VIP“ pass costs €47.99 per month, which is almost as much as three months with our test winner Overlyzer. However, the quarterly and half-yearly subscriptions are relatively fair.

Sports: football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, cricket
Partially free to use
Premium packages from €45.99 per month


Tipsway App

5. BetMines

BetMines offers a very professional software, offers a video tutorial right at the beginning and the company’s own Telegram channel.

The central sport here is again football and BetMines works more with the power of the community. Registering for the app is free and you can place your own bets on games and rock the high score lists. The app also offers some certain pre-game statistics.

Users are kept entertained in the form of contests and the tips they give in the app give a good cross-section of a betting tendency here and there. You can practically bet for play money within the app and then read the tips of the best users.

A bit of a pain is the ads that keep popping up across the screen inviting you to wait, but these can be removed for €1.99 per month or €12.99 per year.

Sport: Football
Free (with advertising)


BetMines App

6. Expert Betting Tips

This app is one of the simplest in our list. There are simply tips on football matches from numerous leagues worldwide and the odds in the free version are between @1.30 and @1.60.

The tips are not backed with any more info. There are no statistics and no explanations. An additional tab informs about the winnings of the previous days.

On the other hand, the advertising for the Premium section is clearly bigger and can hardly be overlooked. About 75 premium tips are offered monthly and the success rate is quite acceptable. At the same time, however, full access to the app is quite expensive at €48.99 per month and just under €300 per year.

Expert Betting Tips
Sport: Football
Partially free to use
Premium package from 17,99€ per month


Expert Betting Tips App

7. Sportsinsider

There must be quite a few people working on the Sportsinsider app, because at first glance, everything here seems to be in order. Virtually all possible sports are offered, although the focus is clearly on football, and the home page, which mixes free tips with non-visible premium tips, is also psychologically well constructed.

Every tip, even the free ones, is backed up with relevant stats, head-to-heads and a short preview. The „Academy“, something like a ‚knowledge base‘, takes a closer look at some exciting betting strategies and the paid version even offers live picks.

The biggest drawback here is definitely the price. The cheapest package costs €34.99 per week after a three-day trial period, which automatically turns into a subscription. For the most comprehensive VIP package, app users even have to shell out €349.99. A hefty sum for a single app….

Sports: Mainly football, but twelve other sports in the menu.
Partially free to use
Premium packages starting at 34,99€ per week


Sportsinsider App

8. Betscore

Unlike some of the other apps in our list, Betscore is at first glance a sophisticated, graphically appealing betting app that doesn’t stand out with promises of winning, but offers a good user interface first.

Registering with Betscore is free, but to see all the content you have to pay. However, with prices starting at €2.29 per week, Betscore is one of the cheapest apps we present here.

There are no classic betting tips provided by the app. Betscore is much more the Tinder of football betting tips apps. Every user can go through all the matches and bet on win, draw or loss, resulting in betting trends across the entire community.

Since the app already has several thousand users, this results in reasonably good tendencies.

Also positive is the „Referral Program“, which gives you the opportunity to use the app for free if you invite friends.

Sport: Football
Registration free of charge
Full access and ad free from 2,29€ per week


Betscore App

9. Betting Tips Expert

Football is also the main focus of Betting Tips Expert. In the free area of this rather simple app, you can mostly find odds between @1.25 and @1.70, with different betting markets being offered. So, you can find double odds or over/under bets in addition to 3-way bets.

In the list of V.I.P. tips, non-registered users initially only see the odds. These are in a similar value range and the selection is not much larger than in the free area.

The advantage here is mainly the price, because 18.99€ per month is fair and unlike many other, more expensive apps, it is possible here to simply try out whether you like the app’s program. The package for three months is only marginally more expensive and costs 21,99€.

Betting Tips Expert
Sport: Football
Partially free to use
Premium packages from 18,99€ per month


Betting Tips Expert App

10. TeamBet PRO

TeamBet PRO is a fairly minimalist app with the typical setup we’ve seen in other apps on this list.

Again, it’s all about football and the app specializes mainly in the low odds. In the free area, you can find odds between @1.20 and @1.50, for example – as they don’t go much higher here, this also increases the success rate. However, it is also clear that you have to win more bets to get into the plus.

In the paid VIP area, many games are offered and even if there are no statistics or detailed explanations for bettors, the app seems solid at first glance. Another advantage is the fair subscription system: you can get a one-month access starting at €19.99, but a fixed, unlimited access to the app only costs €30.99, which is not even twice as much.

TeamBet PRO
Sport: Football
Partially free to use
Premium package from 18,99€ per month or 30,99€ permanently


TeamBet PRO App

11. Tipsterman

The rather complex app Tipsterman is based on an interesting concept. In order to fully understand it, you have to spend some time using the app, but after that it combines fun and chances to win.

As a new user, you start with 100 gold pieces and can bet them – as play money, so to speak – on football games that are offered on the front page. This way, you can earn more gold pieces, which can eventually be used as in-app purchases – for the premium version, for example. However, you can simply buy the gold pieces with real money to get faster access to the VIP area.

A month in the VIP area costs 500 gold pieces, although there are several other packages, up to the Platinum membership, where a month already costs 4,000 gold pieces. For example, you can buy 5,000 gold pieces in-app for 40.99€ – the lowest deposit amount is 2,000 gold pieces, for which you pay 19.99€.

Finally, as a premium member, you also get premium betting tips, all of which have odds between @1.60 and @1.80.

An interesting concept that might seem a bit too bulky for the normal app user.

Sport: Football
Partially free to use
Premium packages starting at about 5€ per month


Tipsterman App

12. Locco Bet

In the last app of our list, we again find the classic setup with Free Tips and VIP Tips right on the first page, which doesn’t require much of a learning in advance.

Here we also find several sports again and besides football also tennis and basketball are offered. However, you can hardly find Free Bets that are not already finished and you get the impression that the app rather tries to catch users for the Premium version.

There, however, the win rate is quite good, even though Locco Bet is not one of the cheapest apps on the market. For example, you can get the „Special VIP“ membership starting at €42.99 per month, although even here the packages for three months drop significantly in price.

Locco Bet
Sports: Football, Basketball, Tennis
Partially free to use
Premium packages from 38,99€ per month


Locco Bet App


Some of the apps have innovative concepts and ideas, others are limited to very clear tip offerings.

As mentioned at the beginning, there is no app on the market that will definitely make you win. However, some of these apps can give you an advantage and minimize your risk when betting on sports, especially football.

Overlyzer clearly stands out here because it doesn’t just „tell“ you what to bet on, but makes you a better analytical sports bettor yourself. It gives you a tool that eliminates the need for all the other apps that offer football betting tips.

Of course, if you’re lucky, you can win with the other apps, but probably not in the long run and not based on your own observations.

So there are two approaches here: One is to hope for a good tipster to make you money with his betting recommendations. The other is that you want to become a tipster yourself, or at least a more structured sports bettor. And for that, Overlyzer is currently the ideal product on the market.

Of course, you should not forget that other factors also play an important role in successful betting. For example, the necessary discipline and, above all, the right, correctly executed bankroll management.


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