As an ambitious sports bettor who wants to generate a side income by placing bets or even turn a hobby into a profession, one should take advantage of all the betting tools that are available today. Thanks to ever-evolving developments in technology and innovative software development, there are new ways for sports bettors to boost their earnings rates dramatically.

While it is absolutely the norm in the poker industry, that ambitious online players use the latest software tools – for example, GTO training programs and tracking tools such as Pokertracker4 – unfortunately relatively few sports bettors use the greatest innovations and technical aids that can equalize the bookmakers‘ advantage or, in the best case, even reverse the balance of power.

In this article, we would therefore like to introduce you to seven useful betting tools and apps that we use regularly ourselves and thus save a lot of time and money.

1. Overlyzer
2. Rebel Betting
3. BetBurger
4. Betstamp
5. Odds Converter
6. Oddspedia – Dropping Odds
7. Hedge Calculator

1. Overlyzer

Pre-match betting has the great advantage compared to live betting that you have a lot of time before you place the bet. Careful research and the use of advanced statistics, such as expected points, pay off in the long run.

The disadvantage, of course, is that the bookmakers also have a lot of time to determine the odds and that it is harder to find good value bets.

Live bets are often more lucrative in this regard, but there is a big issue here. As a serious bettor, how many games can you really watch closely at once? If hundreds of games take place at once on a weekend, you miss out on numerous good betting opportunities because you are not able to watch all the games at once.

The amazing news is that Overlyzer’s developers have found a way to make up for exactly this disadvantage!

A specially written algorithm converts the data of around 1000 leagues in real time into user-friendly graphs that show the pressure ratios of the teams.

We will show you how this works using the following example:

At the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, France won 2-1 against England. The red line here represents the French team, the blue line the English team.

We can see that England generated a lot of pressure shortly after the half-time break, as the blue line went up high. It was also during this phase that Southgate’s team managed to score.

While most football fans around the world have certainly seen this game, there are numerous games every day in hundreds of leagues that also offer such betting opportunities. Unlike a big game in a World Cup, however, it is not possible for us to watch every match on television.

Overlyzer has therefore developed a filter option that allows users to follow only those live matches that are of interest for a live bet. For example, a user can specify that only matches in which the pressure difference between the two teams is particularly high or in which a team has already shot at the opponent’s goal at least 20 times should be displayed.

By using Overlyzer in the right way, users are able to select only those matches that are most interesting for a live bet. At €19 per month or €49 per quarter, Overlyzer is one of the more affordable services in our test and also offers by far the best value for money.

Overlyzer also offers a free over/under tool and announced more exciting innovations for the upcoming years. However, the live section remains the core of the site and will open a new world for you as live bettors.

2. RebelBetting

Searching for value bets is not always an easy task, but there is always the option of having professionals take care of the selection of bets.

One of the best-known operators on the market is RebelBetting, a company that specializes in exploiting poor odds from bookmakers.

RebelBetting uses a relatively simple but extremely effective trick to do this. There are always differences in odds between bookmakers and over time it has become apparent that some bookmakers are better than others at determining those odds that reflect actual probabilities. This allows the „true“ odds to be determined and RebelBetting’s software is constantly on the lookout for high discrepancies which on average turn out to be errors.

RebelBetting offers both Value Bets and Sure Bets, whereby we recommend the Value Bet package after an extensive test, as this is associated with less complexity.

If you want to place Sure Bets, you have considerably less risk, but you must be registered with many different bookmakers and you need to have a larger bankroll. In addition, there is also the greater risk that the betting provider will limit your account relatively quickly.

RebelBetting not only searches for errors in the odds, but also shows you the best odds for the respective bet. The picks made by users are automatically tracked so that you have a good overview of your success.

There are two different prices for both the Value-Betting and Sure-Betting packages. The Starter package costs 89€ per month, the Pro package 179€.

However, you have the option of testing the service for 14 days free of charge and if you do not make a profit in your first month, you do not have to pay anything for the second month. This applies until you are in the plus.

RebelBetting focuses on a high level of transparency and regularly provides the betting results of the community:

3. BetBurger

Betburger is RebelBetting’s biggest competitor and the choice between our 2nd and 3rd place is really just a matter of taste. The principle is the same, because for both value and surebets, the odds of hundreds of bookmakers are scanned to detect inaccuracies in the odds.

A big advantage of BetBurger is that, unlike RebelBetting, it also offers live betting, which at €229.99 is almost twice as expensive as the pre-match package, which can be purchased for €129.99.

Some value bets are also displayed free of charge – but only those with a profit margin of up to two percent.

We also recommend the Value Bet package with this company, as you need more different bookmakers for Sure Bets and the profit margins are smaller.

Less experienced bettors should opt for the Pre-game package, as it is much less stressful to use than the Live package. In the course of time, however, you can of course add the Life package.

BetBurger’s user interface is somewhat more complex than RebelBetting’s and requires a little more time to get used to. However, experienced bettors will also find more advanced setting options.

4. Betstamp

Betstamp is the right choice for those who do not necessarily want to rely on value bets that are provided by third parties, but are simply looking for a free alternative to track their bets in a reputable way.

The Betstamp app, which is still relatively unknown, allows you to enter your bets before you place them. In addition to an odds comparison, the app has the advantage that, compared to other services, you cannot edit the results afterwards, which is a big plus.

This way you not only have a good oversight of your winnings or losses, but you also have to be absolutely honest with yourself and can’t simply delete a failing pick from the statistics out of shame or anger. This has the advantage that you have accountability and have to be honest with yourself.

Another huge advantage is that you can also display your results to other sports bettors and they can be certain that you were actually able to achieve these numbers.

As a result, you can buy the betting recommendations of the best tipsters on Betstamp, or even offer your tips for sale yourself, should your statistics be able to impress other sports bettors.

Those who use Betstamp consistently will therefore also place impulse bets less often and want to rely more on detailed research. All in all, this is a great app that deserves to be much better known.

5. Odds Calculator

Anyone who does a lot of research will also come across betting recommendations again and again that use an odds format that is perhaps not quite so familiar. Therefore, it is advisable to use a small but practical tool that quickly converts the odds into other formats at the touch of a button.

There are many options on the market, but we have put the Odds Calculator from Oddsshark in our browser bookmarks because it is fast and, of course, free.

You simply have to enter the odds in the appropriate box and the odds calculator will do the rest for you:

6. Oddspedia – Dropping Odds

You have probably noticed that the odds can change a lot before the start of a match. Many inexperienced bettors think that this is often related to a last-minute injury of a key player, but the reason is usually different.

Very often, the bookmakers want to reduce the risk with these odds movements by getting people to bet on the increasing odds. This happens especially when too many sports bettors have put their money on only one side of the bet.

Let’s assume, for example, that England plays an international match against Germany and the public opinion is on the side of the Three Lions. If too many bettors back the English, the odds for Germany will gradually increase, as the bookmakers do not want to lose too much money in the event of a victory for the German national team.

A rule of thumb is that a bet on a favorite should be placed as early as possible, as the general public tends to want to be on the safe side with its picks. After all, many casual bettors do not even pay proper attention to the odds when betting on the favorite.

In contrast, it can be profitable to wait a bit before betting on an underdog in order to get even better odds.

To have an idea which odds are changing currently, we recommend the „Dropping Odds“ section of Oddspedia.

7. Hedge Calculator

Sometimes it can be wise to hedge a bet. For example, if a combination bet is missing only one pick and the win of this bet slip makes a big difference in your bankroll, you may want to hedge the bet.

This is especially advisable if something fundamental has changed in your analysis. For example, if there is a surprising change in the weather during a Formula 1 race that plays into the hands of another driver, you can react to this event with a hedging bet.

In order to be able to act quickly, it is advisable to have a so-called hedge calculator at hand.

These can now be found on several websites, whereby we like to use the hedging calculator from bettingpros. It is easy to use and you can choose both European decimal odds and American odds to be displayed.


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