Die Fans von Manchester United diskutierten in den letzten Tagen in ihrem Vereinforum RedCafe einiges über das (Geister-)Spiel beim LASK. Der Fokus der Fans... ManUnited-Fans vor LASK-Hinspiel: „Brauchen clevere Balance vor Tottenham“

Die Fans von Manchester United diskutierten in den letzten Tagen in ihrem Vereinforum RedCafe einiges über das (Geister-)Spiel beim LASK. Der Fokus der Fans liegt allerdings hauptsächlich auf einer guten Personalbalance, um das wichtige, darauffolgende Premier-League-Spiel gegen Tottenham bestmöglich bestreiten zu können. Wir haben die interessantesten Meldungen für euch zusammengefasst.

“They are really, really good (well, for Austrian standards obviously). It’s probably their second best team ever, since they’ve only won one championship over here in the 60s. Obviously they do not have any “stars”, but they have a very clear structure and plan, maybe like a budget version of Liverpool…. well, more like a tiny budget version, as they are operating on a roughly 10 million euros budget. They are extremely well organized, efficient, with a clear plan on what every single player needs to do on the pitch in order to get the job done. I reckon we would beat them over two legs, but not if we change the team around like we did against Brugge. Don’t let their results at the start of the season against Brugge fool you, they are a much better outfit now. They dismantled Alkmaar, the second best team in the Netherlands, with relative ease.”

“Think we should be able to bag a couple of goals here and go through comfortably. I don’t think we need wholesale changes so much, rather get this first leg dusted and go into the Spurs game with high confidence. We play LASK at home and Norwich away after Spurs (both cup games), so we should be aiming to rest a few players in each of those games rather than this one IMO. But don’t get me wrong, there’s a few changes that can happen here due to knocks and some players deserving of starting (i.e. Bailly, McTominay, Mata, Ighalo).“

“Beat Brunos Sporting 3-0 and PSV 4-1 at home. Won the group. 6 points clear of Red Bull Salzburg (who looked very impressive in CL) in the league. Seems to be a decent team, so hope we line up a pretty strong 11.”

“We should be good for a score draw at minimum, but with our admirable defensive stability a low scoring win should be attainable even if the performance itself is probably not going to be great.”

“I’d fully rest for this game, even our rested side should still come away with an away goal and a draw minimum, worst case scenario for me is 1-0 defeat in which we can still comfortable expect to overcome in 2nd leg. It may sound disrespectful towards LASK but the points above outweigh the mindset of play a strong side and win the 1st leg away very comfortably, when we could be smarter about team selection and fixture management.”

“Rest players who need it. Take home an away goal and finish them off at OT.”

“We shouldn’t risk the XI players that played against City, as we have a big game coming at Spurs on Sunday where we really need to put a performance. I’d like to see a second team playing and having at least a draw away from home. Even if our “second players” are enough normally to beat them.”

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